HASA Board Members

  • President: Wendy Usannaz
  • Vice President: Lauren Tarentino-Dome
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer: Shannon Brown
  • Hospitality: Jessica Granger
  • Volunteer: Shannon Wilson
  • Faculty Advisor: Jill Grabert

HASA would like to welcome everyone back to St. Cletus! We are looking forward to a super year. The HASA Board met during the summer to plan some great events and fundraisers that will benefit our school and our children. If you have not joined HASA, it isn’t too late! Dues are $12.00 per family per year. Fill out the HASA dues form found in the newsletter and send in your money to the school office. All dues must be paid by the September General HASA meeting to be eligible for the free tuition drawing. All members who pay their dues by the December meeting and attend each HASA meeting will be entered into a drawing for free tuition at our last HASA meeting in May.

HASA Meetings in Jerome Hall at 7:00pm

  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday
  • Tuesday

Call for Captains/Co-Captains

Some classes are still in need of class captains and co-captains. If you are not sure if your child’s class is in need of either a captain or co-captain, please email Shannon Wilson at tinkerbell27832002@yahoo.com or send a note to the office. Also, we are in need of volunteers to help with the many events the school will be having throughout the year. If you did not sign up to volunteer for an event at orientation, please sign up. Without volunteers, we face a difficult challenge staffing these events for our students. Thanks!


The name of this organization shall be the St. Cletus Home and School Association in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, State of Louisiana. Henceforth, St. Cletus Home and School Association will be referred to as HASA.


The objective of HASA shall be to assist and work with the principal, faculty, Board of Education, and the pastor of St. Cletus to enhance the educational endeavors at St. Cletus School. The efforts of HASA in realizing this objective shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Providing for the volunteer needs of the administration, teaching, and support staff of St. Cletus School.
  • Combining efforts of parents and staff so as to provide the best opportunities in mental, spiritual, physical, and social education.
  • Promoting fellowship and congeniality among its members.
  • Coordinating fund raising efforts and expenditures by HASA for the enhancement of educational opportunities at St. Cletus School, subject to the budgetary and financial policies of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and St. Cletus Parish. Fund-raisers shall be submitted to the appropriate person or committee within the parish for final approval.
  • Stimulating greater parish and community interest and involvement in St. Cletus School.


The HASA shall respect the established school policies and practices as set forth by the pastor and the school principal. The basic policies are set forth in the school handbook.


The membership of this organization shall be open to the parents or guardians of the enrolled students at St. Cletus School.

The pastor of St. Cletus and the administration, faculty, and staff of St. Cletus School shall be ex- officio, non-voting members.

The Executive Committee shall set HASA membership dues. Members are responsible for paying the membership dues by the September General HASA meeting.


The elected executive committee (or Board) shall consist of the President, Vice- President, President- Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the Pastor ex-officio, the Principal ex-officio, Past President ex-officio, Volunteer coordinator (1 elected position), and Hospitality coordinator (1 elected position). These persons shall have full responsibility for the HASA’ s business affairs, including the approval of committee appointments, review of their reports, and consideration of suggestions concerning HASA policies, budget, and other administrative duties.

Every elected executive committee member shall sign an oath of office and be sworn in by the president of the board. The signed oaths of office shall be maintained in the master HASA file.

Oath of Office: As a representative of HASA, I agree to act in a proper and professional manner. I understand that when I am acting as a representative of HASA, any negative actions on my part will reflect poorly upon St. Cletus School and HASA. I agree to faithfully uphold the duties of the office for which I have been elected. I agree to properly perform the duties and obligations bestowed upon me by the Executive Committee. I understand that failure to perform my duties and obligations can result in, but not be limited to, my involuntary separation from the Executive Committee by a two-thirds majority vote of ALL Executive Committee members, including the President.

Newly elected officers installed prior to closing the final meeting of the school year.

The term of office shall be one year. The President and Treasurer shall serve a two year consecutive term. No officer can hold the same office for more than two terms and no officer shall be eligible for that same office until at least one term has elapsed. Only the Principal or Pastor may ask an officer to serve more than two consecutive terms if there is no other person to serve that office.

The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint any active member to fill a vacancy in office. The officer appointed shall serve until the end of the unexpired term and shall be eligible for re-election.

A quorum of the Executive Committee will be a majority of the voting members of the Executive Committee.

Voting Members: Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Hospitality Coordinator will each have one vote. The President will have the  Tie Breaker vote.

Board approval needed for funds in excess of $50 in proposed budget.


The President shall:

  • Preside at and administer all regular, special, and executive committee meetings
  • Call special meetings of the HASA’s Executive Committee
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all HASA committees
  • Perform such duties as are incumbent of this office
  • Attend parish council meetings or appoint a designee to attend

The Vice-President shall:

  • Assume the duties of the president in his/her absence, resignation or death
  • Arrange and select 3 speakers for HASA’s General meetings that are held in November, January, and March
  • Assist in the formation of all committees and serve as an ex-officio member
  • Assure that committees meet their goals and report their results and recommendations to the HASA
  • Perform additional duties designated by the President

The Secretary shall:

  • Record and make available to the members, the minutes of all-executive committee and general meetings
  • Conduct the correspondence of the HASA. Maintain a current file of reports, records, and correspondence of the HASA
  • Provide the president with an electronic copy of all reports, newsletters, and correspondence
  • Publicize upcoming HASA meetings and events through the school newsletter, community newspaper, and the web site.
  • Beresponsible for the sign in sheets for general meetings and all school dances, and HASA monthly newsletter
  • Perform additional duties designated by the President

The Treasurer shall:

  • Collect and deposit all dues and other moneys received through fund raising and contributions
  • Be appointed to all fund raising committees as an ex-officio member to coordinate and to help prepare fund raising reports
  • Maintain records of all receipts and expenditures
  • Review and recommend payment of bills to the President
  • Have co-signature authority with the President or Principal for payment of the HASA’s bills
  • Provide a print out of all financial activity to the Executive Committee at each Executive Committee meeting
  • Make a backup copy of all financial records and maintain them in a secure location
  • Provide to the President an electronic backup of all financial records on a monthly basis
  • Provide a written monthly cash accounting at the annual open house of all income and expenditures
  • Provide a year-end report at the first meeting of the subsequent year
  • Present a budget approved by the Executive Committee
  • Maintain records of all receipts and expenditures using generally accepted accounting principles
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the President

The Volunteer Coordinator shall:

  • Coordinate parental involvement opportunities of members
  • Serve as Class Captain coordinator
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the President

The Hospitality Coordinator(s) shall:

  • Coordinate efforts to promote social events that serve to create fellowship among the students, faculty, and families of St. Cletus School
  • Coordinate annual events which shall include, but are not limited to: Coffee & donuts, Open House Meeting, HASA meetings, Faculty Luncheon, and activities related to Teacher appreciation and Catholic Schools Weeks
  • Perform additional duties as assigned by the President


The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of two board members and three from general membership.

The President shall appoint a committee to act as a Committee of Elections at the spring meeting. This committee shall conduct the annual elections, count the ballots, and report results to the HASA.

The officers election will be by ballot, by a majority of qualified voting members at the March General HASA meeting..


The voting members of the Executive Committee shall create such standing committees, as it may deem necessary to promote the objectives and carry on the work of the HASA. The term of office for the coordinator of the standing committee shall be from inception until the end of the school year. The coordinator of a standing committee shall present plans of work, to which include a budget, to the Executive Committee for approval. No standing committee work shall be undertaken without consent of the Executive Committee. A majority of the members of the committee constitute a quorum.


The pastor or a priest appointed by him shall be the spiritual advisor.


HASA is affiliated with the Council of Catholic Schools Co-operative Clubs (CCSCC).


General membership meetings of HASA, held six times during the school year as designated by the Executive Committee. The meetings are opened for all members and shall not conflict with Board of Education and Parish Council meetings. A special meeting of the HASA may be called at any time by the President, with no less than 48 hours advance notice to the membership.


All conducted HASA meetings will be according to Robert’s Rules of Order, revised when consistent with this Constitution and Bylaws.

A referral of any suggestion made at a regular meeting concerning modification of established HASA policies, will be given to the Executive Committee for disposition, without vote.


Amendments to the bylaws maybe proposed at any regular meeting by a majority vote of the members. Within 10 days following the meeting in which the resolution is adopted, the president shall give written notice of the proposed amendment to all the members of the HASA. A quorum of a majority of the General Membership for final approval of the amendment will occur at the next regular meeting.