Guidelines and Responsibilities of a Safety Patrol Member

We invite reliable, and committed students to join the school safety patrol club. Please read over the requirements and guidelines below. If the student is willing to serve and protect the students at St. Cletus, please get an application and permission form from Mrs. Dwyer.

  1. Sign in and report to assigned station on time.
  2. Follow directions given by safety patrol leaders and teachers.
  3. Be polite and respectful to parents and students at all times.
  4. Set a good example and follow safety rules.
  5. Place safety vest before reporting to duty and return them to correct location.
  6. Use safety vest with care.
  7. Work on assigned dates and at the correct station.
  8. Keep a passing grade in conduct.
  9. You may substitute for another member ONLY in the morning.
  10. Extra help may be given on rainy days once permission is given by Mrs. Dwyer.